JoJo Siwa Has a Sex Confession About Hooking Up After Child Stardom

JoJo Siwa got candid about her sex life and how she didn’t have the quintessential high school experience due to her fame: "Because of who I am, I can’t do that." Read on for more details.

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JoJo Siwa isn't holding back when it comes to sex.

The TikToker recently got candid how growing up in the public eye has affected her sex life as she's gotten older.

"I've only had sex in the privacy in my own room…or my own hotel room," she shared during an April 23 appearance on the We're Having Gay Sex podcast. "I don't know really what normal teenagers do, but I'm assuming—a bathroom stall—whatever. But because of who I am, I can't do that."

JoJo—who came out as gay on social media in 2021—explained that it goes beyond the bedroom, as being a celebrity has made navigating the dating world difficult.

"It's wacky," the 19-year-old confessed. "It's weird, it's confusing, it's hard for me, it's hard for the person I'm dating or talking to, because I can't do things."

She added, "How most people can go on a dinner date, I can't go on a dinner date, normally. I can, but I have to call and say ‘I'm JoJo Siwa, can I have a private table in a private room?' and it's great."

JoJo Siwa Through the Years

JoJo, who was romantically linked to TikToker Avery Cyrus in 2022 and Katie Mills in 2021, shared that she doesn't see herself as the average 19-year-old. The Nickelodeon star said she can't do things that other people her age want to do, both because of security concerns or her own mental mindset since she feels older than she is.

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As for where the disconnect stems from? "People my age are just fresh out of their house, they're freshly moved," JoJo said. "I live at home, my parents live with me. I love it, we have a great relationship, and so I think I missed out on a lot." 

And since JoJo has dipped her foot into the dating pond, she has realized there were a lot of high school moments she missed out on.

"I graduated when I was 15, but I was homeschooled. My life was very different, and I wouldn't change it for anything," she explained. "I'm very behind in the world of love. Because most people go to a freshman dance, and they go with a date, and then they go to homecoming with a different date. Then they go to prom 14 times, and then they go to prom at the other school, and then they have a summer fling and then they have their hookup in the car in the school parking lot."

Noting she "never had any of that," JoJo confessed that there are times she feels like "I'm an eighth grader in love land."

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Now that JoJo has started navigating that part of her life, she has some funny stories to share, recounting to host Ashley Gavin that she accidentally butt-dialed her dad Tom Siwa during a past hookup.

"It's my third night with this partner. It's really fun, I'm happy, I'm having the time of my life," JoJo recalled. "Cut to the next day and my dad comes up to me and goes, 'So you guys had fun last night. Last night you called me.'"

Needless to say, going forward JoJo has implemented the golden rule: "Now I have a rule that, no matter what, phones are away because I butt-dialed my dad."

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