Influencer Camila Coelho Shares Sweat-Proof Tip to Keep Your Makeup From Melting in the Sun

Before influencer Camila Coelho jets off to Coachella 2023, where the temperature will be hot, she offered her best fool-proof makeup tips with E! News. Take notes below!

By Alyssa Morin Apr 13, 2023 10:00 AMTags
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Afraid your makeup will melt in the heat? Don't sweat it because Camila Coelho has you covered.

The fashion influencer revealed her fool-proof beauty tips in an exclusive interview with E! News before she enjoys some fun in the sun at Coachella 2023.

So, how does the Brazilian star keep her makeup intact during a full festival day? "Sunscreen is essential," Camila shared. "A lot of people think, 'I'm going to be out, my makeup cannot melt so I'm not going to hydrate my skin.' Hydrating your skin is number one."

She continued, "Make sure you use a primer, your sunscreen and then, afterward, a setting spray."

And while the Elaluz founder noted the importance of hydrating the skin, she also recommended taking a setting powder so you can mattify the areas that get shiny throughout the day, noting, "You're going to sweat a little bit, so to touch up, it's perfect."

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Another "cannot live without" festival staple? A body glow.

"For a festival, you want to look glowy like a goddess," she continued, "so I use the Elaluz Liquid Body Glow, which is a body bronzer that I put all over—my belly, my legs, any part of my body that's out."


Camila also revealed the foolproof way she preps and plans out her Coachella looks.

"My biggest tip is to try on your looks before so you don't overpack," she explained, "I take a photo and I put everything together with the jewelry because it just makes it easier when you arrive and it makes you not overpack."

She added, "You don't have to stress about it."

And being a new mom to 8-month-old son Kai, who she shares with husband Ícaro Coelho, everything is a lot more organized than ever before.

"I want to be prepared," she said. "But now, especially with Kai, I always want to be with him, so I started planning already."

Designing her own clothes for the Camila Coelho Collection, which is available at Revolve, also helps her narrow down her fashion choices.

"It's a bit easier now because I actually designed a collection thinking of Coachella, so there are certain pieces that I'm going to bring that I'm excited to wear," she detailed. "A lot of beaded tops and skirts. I'm definitely going to have fun."


As she put it, "You're going to see me at Coachella and be like, I don't know if she has a kid or not. I'm still going to wear my crop tops, I'm still going to show my belly."

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